3 Things 2020 Gave Me

When we look back on the most historical year of our lives, what will you reflect as things 2020 gave you? What are you going to remember most? What will you take from it? How will you use what it gave you? As crazy as this unexpected year was, I know it taught us all at least one thing about ourselves, hopefully more! I know it taught me a lot about myself.

Here are the things I never want to forget that 2020 gave me.

  1. FAMILY. It completed my family. It made me a mommy of two, a family of four. They are the most important humans in my life, and I’ve learned the meaning of unconditional love. I’d do anything and everything for them. There’s no way to explain it. Everyday I feel like there’s no way I could love them even more, yet I still manage to love them more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. Thank you 2020 for giving me love and life.

2. VISION. Remember January 1st, 2020 when we said this was the year of clear vision? Well that still holds true for me. To not just accept what I’m told. To question and research. The more you know, the more powerful you are. There are so many decisions I’ve made that I’m lookin back on now wishing differently because I know better. But there’s no better way to learn than by experience. Don’t stop researching for yourself. Use any and every available resource to continue to grow. Be informed and make conscious decisions for yourselves and the little humans you’re responsible for.

3. STRENGTH. I don’t know anyone who is still the same person they were 1 year ago today. This year brought a lot of uncertainty, unknown, change. This year was hard in so many ways, but it doesn’t mean it was bad. Now here we are, closing it out. If you made it through 2020, you are blessed, and you are a much stronger person.

So thank you 2020. You’ve changed my life forever. That doesn’t mean I’m not ready to get past you.

Welcome 2021 – let’s pray for peace, love, prosperity, strength, patience, understanding, kindness, and better times. 



3 Things 2020 Gave Me

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