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Looking for tips on how to have the most productive work from home mom day? Here are 5 of them!

Let’s face it, when it comes to being a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, things may or may not get done on most days. So I’m sharing my tips on how to feel accomplished, even if nothing else gets done!

  1. Wash the dishes at night – There’s nothing like trying to make breakfast and feeding impatient, grumpy kids while you try and wash dishes. So clean it up at night or throw the load in the dishwater for a less chaotic morning.
  2. Get up 15-30 minutes earlier than your kids – Use this time for self-care. Do your favorite skincare routine, put on a little makeup, and get dressed for your day! You may not have time for everything, especially if you aren’t much of a morning person (like me), but I feel so much happier when I have had a little alone time in the mornings.
  3. Make your bed – It’s going to help your room feel clean and organized, even if there are toys and piles of laundry around.
  4. Drink your energizing drink – Whether it’s coffee, water, or my personal favorite Fizz (naturally derived that actually works)! Any of these will help kick-start your day and get yourself moving.
  5. Have a To-Do List – write down the tasks you want to get done for the day, BUT make it realistic. Prioritize the ONE most important task for the day and consider everything else a bonus. 

If I miss any of these steps, my work from home day not only feels less productive, it feels more unorganized. I find myself trying to catch myself up throughout the day and a little less patient for other things. 

So I hope these tips help you to a more productive day at home with your littles! Let me know if you have any must-do tasks for your own productive day!

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5 Tips for a Productive SAH | WFH Mom Day

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