Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

Need to plan a kid’s Valentine’s Day Party? I’m here to make it as easy and fun as possible, so I’m sharing how I threw together a quick, easy, and fun DIY kid’s Valentine’s Day Party for my little sweethearts!

We started the day by having a Valentine’s Day breakfast. The kids loved it all! DIY heart waffles and fruit were a hit, especially with a tiny bit of special sprinkles on top. Don’t forget to cut the strawberries into hearts too or you can use heart cookie cutters on other foods and fruit if you have them! Any fun breakfast will encourage good little eaters. There was nothing left on their plates! You can find everything I used here!

easy, fun, diy kid's valentine's day party and breakfast decor

I also ordered a little studio setup. Instead of a backdrop, I threw a plain white sheet over the stand, but I will be getting this one since it seems a little more durable than a sheet! Check out the simple, but cute decorations I found here. It’s all still in stock with plenty of time to ship before Valentine’s Day!

easy, fun, diy kid's valentine's day party and breakfast decor

They didn’t notice the setup until after breakfast. I was okay with it because I knew they would want the balloons. Those along with the cookies really helped them cooperate for photos. Anything to get the shot, right?! Overall, it was very simple and easy to pull off. The balloons double as a bonus to keep kids busy. We’ve had them for days now since I didn’t use helium, and they’re still going strong.

easy, fun, diy kid's valentine's day party and breakfast decor

Overall, I felt like it had everything we needed in a very minimalist setup. I can’t wait to see your fun Valentine’s Day parties and DIYs too!

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Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

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