5 Ways to Monetize your Blog!

When it comes to ways to monetize your blog, I’ve found 5 tried and true tips! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, but with good reason! I’ve been working on a lot behind the scenes; the main one has been focusing on my account growth. I hit my goal of 10k followers on IG! 

If you’re a blogger, influencer, or content creator, this might have once been or maybe is your next goal too.

Why is this so important? Because it gives you that pesky “swipe up” story feature (which has now become a sticker link)! This means instead of having to direct people to your bio and then your link, you make yourself so much more easily accessible. You instantly drive up blog traffic, affiliate link clicks, and commissionable sales. All steps towards generating a part time or even full time income.

So here are 5 ways to monetize your blog. They’ve worked for me, and hopefully these tips are a step in the right direction to monetize you too!

  1. Create a Landing Page on your website. A landing page is somewhere you can post all of your links in one place. I used free LinkTree until I realized I could create one on my own website. Then, watch your website traffic increase. This will be important when you’re listing your website and blog engagement rates on your media kit and rate sheet.
  2. Apply for a shopltk (formerly LIKEtoKNOW.it) account. This is a free app where you can link products and outfits through commissionable links. Some of these items are just cents per sale in commission, but some of these are way more! Every sale gets you closer to your first $100 payout. You don’t need a huge following. You just need a clean editorial IG design, 4 months of consistent, quality, original content, and an engaged and growing audience. If you’re interested in applying, I’d love to refer you! We can both earn an equal commission if approved.
  3. Apply for affiliate programs with companies you shop from. Start earning commission from brands you already support. You’re simply sharing something you love, but now you’re earning from it too. It’s nice to have these from different companies, but don’t over do it. You want your audience to know it’s authentic and you genuinely love the brand and product you’re selling. And if you don’t already shop from a company, you may end up spending more than you’re earning, plus you’re advertising for free too.
  4. Be consistent, but also just post… I always hear to “be consistent” or “post on a schedule”. While yes, this may be important for audiences to know what to expect, you can also always JUST POST! There are so many times I wasn’t going to post something, decided to anyway, and surprise to me, I earned a commission. You may not make money every time, but you definitely won’t make any money every time you don’t post.
  5. Use Pinterest. It’s a search engine for all things magical and cute. Need an idea? Pinterest. Need a recipe? Pinterest. Need a solution? Pinterest. PINSPIRATION. Switch yours to a business account so you can link it to your shopLTK, blog posts, instagram posts, or wherever you’re trying to increase views and traffic. Utilize specific key words you would search for like “matching mommy and me outfits” “Fall entryway table decor” or “ombre gel nails”. Think of words you use when you’re looking for something and include them in your description.

I hope these help and/or inspire you! If you have any other tips of what’s worked for you, I’d LOVE for you to share them in the comments below! You can also find and follow me on social media by clicking on the icons at the top of this page. Let’s grow together!


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5 Ways to Monetize your Blog!

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