5 writing resolutions you might actually keep

5 writing resolutions you might actually keep

With the new year comes the buzz of making resolutions. But, let’s face it – most of us break them by February. As writers, the allure of overly ambitious goals can lead us towards writers’ block or worse, burn-out.

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Whether you’re a serial resolution maker or breaker, we invite you to try something new this year. Ditch fleeting resolutions for a more realistic and professional approach to writing success.

Research highlights the power of approach-oriented resolutions. Rather than fixating on avoidance-based goals, like ‘stop using clichés in my writing’, let’s pivot to approach-oriented ones, such as ‘explore fresh and inventive ways to express my ideas’. This positive approach encourages growth and creativity.

Up for a challenge? We’ve drafted 5 resolutions that encourage progress over perfection.


1. Take your writing forward one step at a time

Make 2024 the year you take realistic steps towards your writing goal. Whether you’re looking to polish a draft, hook an agent or enter a competition, first identify the stepping stones you need to get there.

Week-by-week deadlines can help. That’s why our progressive courses can keep you on track: try Edit Your Novel to get submission-ready, Write and Submit a Short Story for that competition entry or Write a Romance Novel to nail your meet-cute.

Not all journeys are linear, so don’t be put off by rejections this year. Frame each setback as a new achievement and keep moving forward.


2. Set aside time for your dream project

Still got that idea rattling around the back of your desk drawer? Yes, that one. The one you think of while drifting off to sleep – well it’s time to dust it off and try again.

Returning to an idea you can’t let go of is never easy. In 2024, don’t fall into the bad habits that made you set it aside in the first place. Most importantly, make time to focus consistently on your dream project.

Setting aside hours to write can be hard, which is why we focus so much at PWA on discipline and establishing a writing routine that works for you. Courses like Jumpstart Your Novel have been designed with you in mind. Struggling to fit writing around your life? That’s why our online campus is open 24/7 so you never have to rush home to write (until of course you want to).


3. Unleash the power of the community

Successful resolutions also require support. A problem shared is a problem halved, and who knows, the solution to your plot hole may be hiding in the mind of a fellow writer.

  • Our courses are so much more than videos. As well as structured learning you get:
  • Peer-to-peer feedback – arguably the most important aspect of your learning
  • Expert guidance from your tutor – the all-seeing eye
  • Networking opportunities – an expert community at your fingertips
  • 24/7 access to an online campus
  • Q&As with industry experts – join live or watch back at your leisure
  • Writers’ forums – make the most of our hive mind
  • Continued support in our alumni area, speaking of which…

This month, we’re launching our new alumni online campus and events programme. If you’ve completed a course, you’ll have access to exclusive events and resources to support your writing goals. Hear from literary agents, bestselling authors and industry experts in live Q&A sessions and much, much more!


4. Prioritise self-care

All creative endeavours have a shared enemy: burn-out. Make 2024 the year you learn how to properly recharge when giving so much to your writing.

Writing for wellbeing comes in many forms, and we encourage you to give it a go this year. Our short courses are designed to help you build resilience and navigate change. You’ll learn how to boost your wellbeing and develop writing tools to help overcome challenges.


5. Don’t strive for perfection

Many resolutions revolve around mastering new hobbies, languages or skills – and when it comes to writing, the pressure is on to become an instant expert. So here’s a refreshing thought for 2024: you don’t have to master every skill! Writing should be about joy, exploration and self-expression without the pressure of perfection.

Embrace the joy of writing and take your creativity somewhere new this year with our Creativity for Writers course. Sign up now to free your inner genius, and unearth the unexpected ideas and characters lurking in your subconscious.

Whether you love the tradition and optimism behind New Year promises or prefer to steer clear of setting specific goals for the year ahead, 2024 presents us with a blank page. It’s time to pick up a pen and start writing your story.


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